Now that’s you’ve completed a Halberg Inclusion Training here are some documents and videos to help guide you with adapting sports and physical activity to include physically disabled people.


Featured Resources

The Halberg Foundation team is always on the look out for great examples of NET in action to add to our website.

If you have successfully adapted an activity or sport and would like to share how you have achieved this, please contact your local Disability Sport Adviser who will support you in sharing the best practice in this NET Resource section.


Halberg NET Video 3
The Principles of STEP WatchWatch
STEP Model
STEP Model - A comprehensive reminder of the essential four elements of the STEP Model. Download Download
Halberg NET Video 9
Watch our inspiring video that shows the power of sport for all. WatchWatch
School Sport and Competition
School Sport and Competitions - Information on the pathways through school sport Download Download