Halberg Inclusion Training

The Halberg Foundation offers Halberg Inclusion Training - a nationwide package of workshops for teachers, teacher aides, coaches, tertiary students and activity providers on adapting sport, physical activity, and recreation to ensure inclusive opportunities for all New Zealanders across various abilities and skill sets.

The course is delivered by Halberg Advisers around the country. The training takes place on-site or online and consists of a tailored workshop or workshops, incorporating practical and theory elements, teaching the core fundamentals of how to adapt and modify practical activities 

For more information or to register for Halberg Inclusion Training contact your local Halberg Adviser.


Halberg Inclusion Training for Schools

A Halberg Inclusion Training course is included as a professional learning and development (PLD) course for all primary and intermediate school teachers.

The cost for a primary or intermediate school to complete an Inclusion Training is $300 (GST included) with a maximum number of 40 participants. It is possible to do an Inclusion Training with a cluster of other schools and this would be charged as one Inclusion Training. If you are considering this, please register by contacting your local Halberg Adviser.

We have funding in some areas to cover these costs - contact your Halberg Adviser to discuss.

The course cost covers:

  • Two one hour (or one two hour) on-site practical and theory sessions
  • Preparation time and travel to and from the training
  • Physical resources for participants and school/organisation
  • Access to online resources including video tutorials and practical session guides
  • Further assistance from our highly-skilled group of dedicated field staff (Halberg Advisers).

The Halberg Foundation has developed specific Inclusion Training courses for secondary schools and other sectors of the industry, such as National Sport Organisations and Clubs. These will also be charged at $300 (includes GST). If you have any queries about the costs please don’t hesitate to contact your local Halberg Adviser