Activity Fund grants

Halberg Activity Fund grants are provided to enable physically disabled young people, aged 5-21, to participate in sport and recreation by reducing financial barriers.

Applications can be made by or on behalf of a physically disabled young person and can be submitted for the following categories:

  1. Equipment - Either the adaptation of equipment or the purchase of disability specific equipment
  2. Lessons and/or Coaching - This could be group or individual lessons/coaching to enable participation
  3. Camps – Additional costs associated with a physically disabled young person attending a camp. Eligible costs include a support person & adapted accommodation.

Applications must be submitted by the third Wednesday of every month (excluding December) to be considered. Please factor in the time needed for the application to be prepared and assessed when applying as we do not fund retrospectively. Activity Fund Grant Committee meetings are held monthly. 

All applications will require the following documentation:

  1. A quote from the Equipment, Lesson/coaching, or Camp provider (on an organisation letterhead)
  2. A clinical letter of support from a doctor, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist, stating the medical diagnosis of the physically disabled young person
  3. A personal letter of support from the family of or the physically disabled young person stating the benefits of the proposed activity

Connecting with your local Halberg Adviser before applying is highly recommended. Your local Halberg Adviser will be able to assist and guide your application, and advise you on eligibility. Click here to find your local Halberg Adviser's contact details.

Click here for full Activity Fund grant guidelines.


The Halberg Activity Fund is supported by the Eagles Golfing Society of New Zealand. Thanks for your support!